Give Thanks

Saying thanks is beneficial and rejuvenating to the body and soul. More often than not, it gives perspective to what matters most in life.


Taming the dragon called Fear

Fear is good when you are in control of it, not when it is in control of you. Courage and compassion are two possible ways to confront fear.

Fear is the key

Becoming conscious of what we hate and thereby what we fear, may be a way to begin to stand up to these emotions .

The idli episode

Today I tried making idlis. I tried sourcing all the raw material from different stores. I failed to get boiled rice anywhere. So I told myself I’ll make do with what I do have, which includes basmati rice, because there is no sona masuri in the country! And no idli rice. Anyway, I soaked, ground and…

It’s a good move

Life is a continuum of choices that we make, some conscious and some not. Sometimes circumstances thrust before us the choices we must make. Are we mindfully making those choices?

It’s a new beginning…

Hi there. I am starting my new blog site today to be able to publish my random thoughts on a myriad things that flit, fly, and cruise in my mind through the day. I hope it will be of some use by way of either entertainment or food for thought. Either way, it gives me…