It’s a good move

The good thing about life is that you have a CHOICE to start afresh every single day. You can ditch what’s over and start life a new. It’s quite another thing that we don’t exercise that choice. But it is there. Quietly sitting by your side.

I moved to a new country less than a couple of months ago. A new home, new language, new people, new culture, new sights, new so much! It’s a good move. So much to learn.

Even though I have traveled to other countries in the past, this was the first time it dawned on me that your money is just paper and metal in another country.

That which we value so much in our own context is just trash in another.

Yet I have not thrown it away. Why? Because it still has value back home. But while I am here, I must get used  to transacting with paper and metal that looks different from home. So day 1 was a lesson through money. I am grateful for that.

Talking about money, in the last couple of days that’s all that is being talked of, back home. The hard working class of people, are scrambling to change their money so they can get on with their lives with as little interruption as possible. The rich and the entitled are not scrambling in such an ‘undignified manner’ as the masses, but are probably wailing silently through all the acid washing of their ill earned loot. I hope they are not going to burn all that. I hope they have the good sense to put it to use for some civic service in their communities. That could change the lives of many for the better. Maybe I am naive. Maybe they already have a way to beat the system. Who knows? But it was a good move by the government.

Au revoir for now!


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