The idli episode

Today I tried making idlis. I tried sourcing all the raw material from different stores. I failed to get boiled rice anywhere. So I told myself I’ll make do with what I do have, which includes basmati rice, because there is no sona masuri in the country! And no idli rice. Anyway, I soaked, ground and set the idlis in a hand-me-down idli mould. I was just living my life’s philosophy through the idli making.

Don’t wait for circumstances to be perfect to try something. Just use what you have.

The idlis came out flat. The dough did not ferment enough, maybe. Idlis need idli rice maybe. I don’t know. What I used to take for granted all these years, what was simply a matter of routine back home, was a task in the new environment. The final result was not what I expected but they were borderline edible. I’ll keep trying to find idli rice. I’ll try to get perfect idlis soon.

Some of us are perfectionists. We like everything to be just so! But life is not always about being perfect. Very often, it’s about doing, breathing, just so you can take the next step.

So how did the hubby react to the not so elegant idlis? I’ll tell you in a moment. But first, a memory. When I was a teenager I tried my hand at cooking. Not that I liked to, but my mother fell sick often and I had to step in. Very often, the food would be under cooked or burnt. But my father would eat that and say ‘hmmm…lovely! I’ve never eaten anything like this before’. It was only much later in my life that I realized that he was being truthful without being hurtful. He never let me feel I was inadequate.

That’s exactly what I asked the hubby to say to me. I asked him to react like my dad. He looked at his plate, he ate a bite and said ‘hmm…the coconut chutney is redeeming’. That’s good enough for me. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things don’t turn out to be the way we want them to. Many times, it makes us feel judged, inadequate, unappreciated. In those times, it is possible to step out of that negativity and turn it around, and encourage ourselves to do better next time. We can ask for understanding, and even appreciation if it is going to neutralize the negative feelings.

Au revoir till next time!

image source:You N Mine recipes



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